The Bugbee's Team

Our award winning team would be honored to serve you!

  • Greg Bugbee

    Owner, Operator and DJ since 1987

    Greg has been involved in over 2000 events in his career. He has served Michigan since 1987 and Illinois since 1999, Greg brings an energy and organization to the team that immediately lets you know your event is important to us.  Each DJ trains extensively with Greg and draws on his many years of experience.  

  • Dan Church

    Illinois Regional Manager and DJ since 2007

    Dan specializes in and is highly requested for weddings. His track record in the past few years proved him to be an essential part of the Bugbee's team. Dan works very hard to make sure everyone has a wonderful memory of their special day.

  • Roger Young

    Michigan Regional Manager and DJ since 2012

    Roger brings great passion and commitment to all that he does.  Roger is one of the most personable and professional DJs you will ever meet.  He is heavily requested for weddings and always garners great reviews.     

  • Cassie Blackman

    DJ and PhotoBooth Specialist since 2006

    Cassie brings great energy to our team as a wedding specialist.  Cassie also serves as a trumpet player for weddings and various events. She garners nothing but compliments with each event she is a part of. 

  • Tom Savard

    DJ Associate since 2015

    Tom is a very personable and energetic DJ.  He has been part of many successful weddings and looks to have a great 2016 working solo in our Michigan market.  Tom has a professional demeanor that translates very well as a wedding DJ.

  • Josh Frerichs

    DJ Associate since 2003

    Josh is a wedding specialist who has provided DJ service to over a dozen weddings a year since joining the team. Josh brings a very personable feeling to your special day. Josh recently served as the DJ for Greg Bugbee's oldest daughter's wedding. What an endorsement on the outstanding job he does.

  • Cody Frailey

    DJ Associate since 2016

    Cody has displayed a great commitment to each couple he serves.  He has made great strides as a wedding DJ and is an asset to the Bugbee's Team.  Cody's passion is very evident and has already lead to some great events.


  • Miranda Church

    DJ and PhotoBooth Specialist since 2004

    Miranda is a versatile and dedicated member of our team. She is confident and skilled in DJing every type of event. She has become a valuable wedding specialist and always garners great reviews from her clients. Miranda regularly manages the PhotoBooth and provides great care to all guests at your party.  

  • Lindsay Young

    DJ and PhotoBooth Specialist since 2012

    Lindsay is a wedding specialist on our team who provides confident and professional service. Your guests will love the great energy Lindsay brings to each event. She always makes your PhotoBooth experience more enjoyable while working as the PhotoBooth Attendant.  

  • Mandy Nelson

    PhotoBooth Specialist since 2015

    Mandy is a friendly and vibrant PhotoBooth Attendant.  She ensures that every guest who attends an event has a wonderful experience with the Booth.  We are so glad to have Mandy as part of the team!   

  • Christine Bugbee

    Administrator and CFO since 1987

    Christine has been in partnership with Greg from the very beginning. She fills in anywhere there is a need in all aspects of planning and preparation of events. Her efforts behind the scene allow the DJ's to confidently serve our clients.  

  • Brianna Gold

    Graphic Designer since 2008

    Brianna has designed our logo and marketing material for many years.  She shows great attention to detail and always creates a final product we are proud to display.  Brianna is an asset to Bugbee's and we are so thankful to have her as part of the team. 

  • Adam Blackman

    DJ and PhotoBooth Specialist since 2013

    Adam brings great character and energy to Bugbee's. His endearing personality and work ethic are key to his great service.


  • Connie Logterman

    DJ and PhotoBooth Specialist since 1996

    Connie has a great reputation serving for many years in West Michigan. She is a wedding specialist who makes your day exactly what you envisioned it to be.

  • Eli Church

    The Future of Bugbee's

    Eli is the Grandson of Greg and Christine Bugbee and son of Dan and Miranda Church.  Eli loves to come along and help with setting up for events.  He also loves to dance and is one of our top DJs in training!